Finding a Lacy Puppy from an Ethical Breeder

Working Lacy pup Bred for generations to be independent working dogs, this unique breed isn't for everyone. Before you buy a lacy puppy, do your research to make sure a Lacy is the right dog for you.

If you are looking for a Lacy puppy from proven working lines, email or call (214) 679-1801 for information on quality breeders of registered working Lacys.

The NLDA supports lacy breeders that are knowledgeable about genetics, conformation, health, and working ability. A responsible breeder should have a clear understanding of these things. A responsible breeder breeds ONLY to produce puppies of excellent quality and to improve on the qualities of the sire and dam in temperament, structure, drive and ability.

The demand for quality working lacys is high so most of our breeders keep a waiting list. Responsible breeders don't produce a litter in a breed like this without having a waiting list of screened applicants in place. We urge buyers not to buy casually or from people who breed too easily or sell too readily.

Check our list of approved breeders for available purebred Blue Lacy Puppies and upcoming litters. Most of our breeders charge around $400 to $700 for puppies. The price of started or proven hog dogs, cow dogs and blood trackers should reflect the training and skills of that particular Lacy.

If you would like to adopt a Lacy in need of a home, visit the Lacy rescue board. Most of these dogs are not fostered through the NLDA, but we do put up posts for rescue organizations striving to find the best new family for abandoned Lacy Dogs.

NLDA Approved Breeders

James Jensen
Bullard, TX
Jensen's Lacy Dogs
Puppies available!

Pearl Mountain Lacys
Evant, TX
Pearl Mountain Lacy Dogs
Puppies available!

AR Kennels
Christoval, TX
Puppies coming soon!

Six D Ranch
London, Tx

Bobby Wilson
Corpus Christi, TX

Jim and Melody Roche
Eldorado, Tx
Magnum Blue Lacy Dogs

Amber and DJ Middleton
Alto, Tx
Middleton's Lacy Dogs
Now taking reservations!

Bob Lacy
Carlsbad, Tx

Aaron Low
Alto, Tx
Low's Lacy Dogs

Bud and Kayleigh Rogers
Huntsville, TX

Bleed Blue Kennels LLC
Jarrell, TX
BBK's Lacy Dogs
Bleed Blue

Courtney Farris
Buchanan Dam, TX
El Cazador Lacy Dogs

NLDA Stud Dog Directory

The NLDA Stud Dog Directory is published as a service to members and breeders seeking quality working stud dogs. If you are a member and would like your dog included in the stud dog directory, just email your contact information and pictures of your dog to You must be a member in good standing and dogs must be registered as Breed Quality with the NLDR. To have your 12 month old lacy certified as Breed Quality, visit the official website of the National Lacy Dog Registry and fill out an application form.

Bleed Blue Kennels LLC
Jarrell TX
national lacy dog association

Jay Davis
Plantersville, Tx
(281) 615-3375
national lacy dog association

Steven Doss
London, TX
national lacy dog association

Brian Hicks
Marrero, LA
national lacy dog association

Betty Leek
Ft. McKavett, TX
national lacy dog association

Robby Leek
Christoval, TX
national lacy dog association

Jeff & Karen Lewis
St. Joseph, LA
Louisiana Le Roux

national lacy dog association

Shane & Lauri Lowry
Spicewood, TX
national lacy dog association

Wes Mundy
San Antonio, TX
(210) 602-3118
DD Game Tracking
national lacy dog association

Jason Pitman
El Paso, TX
(915) 345-2341
national lacy dog association